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Professional Central Heating Power Flush Service

A Power flush helps prolong the life of your system, lower your bills and reduce the risk of breakdowns.


Signs You Need a Power flush

  • Heating circulation problems.

  • Cold radiators.

  • Pump failure.

  • Boiler noise.

  • System is slow to heat up.

  • Cold spots on radiators.

  • Partially blocked pipes.

  • High heating bills.

  • Recommendation from a engineer.

 Benefits of a Power flush?

  • Increase boiler and heating components lifespan.

  • Improved system efficiency by 25%.

  • Reduced gas bills.

  • Quicker heat up times.

  • Hotter radiators.

  • Equal distribution of heat throughout the heating system.

  • To keep to insurance T&Cs.

Standard BS7593 Power Flush

  Start From £200

 Power Flush services

Trained Engineer

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power flush service kent


power flush kent


power flush services in kent


power flush kent
power flush kent
power flush kent
power flush kent
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  1. Sludge court on filter

  2. Power flush machine

  3. Power flush machine

  4. Cut open blocked heat exchanger

  5. Blocked pipe fittings

  6. Plate heat exchanger blocked

  7. Particles remove with power flush

  8. Blocked heating pump







Q. Are the engineers at Premier Plumbing & Heating qualified?

A. Our engineers go through training at Kamco the manufactures of the power flush machine & chemicals, on a regular occasion to keep up with the new products and knowledge to power flush your system the proper way.

Q. How do i know if I need a power flush ?

A. If your system takes a long while to heat up , your radiators are cold on the bottom or constantly filling with air , your boiler is making loud kettling sounds then it is possible that you need a power flush.


Q. My insurance company will not repair my boiler until i have a power flush , is this normal ?

A. Yes , we are doing more and more power flushes these days for insurance purposes , they will not put new parts into a boiler or system which they consider dirty.

Q. Do you issue a British Standards Certificate ?

A. Yes we issue you with BS7593-2019 certificate and on it will have our full company details and Gas Safe registration number.

Q. How long will a power flush take ?

A. We usually take between 4 - 8 hours to power flush your system depending on the amount of radiators and how dirty it is.

Q. Do you have to be Gas Safe Registered to power flush ?

A. A lot of companies will tell you no but as you have to work on and around the gas boiler then yes you do have to be Gas Safe registered.

Q. Can a power flush cause leaks ?

A. A power flush itself will not cause any leaks within your heating system and boiler. But if there is a corrosion scab sealing a pinhole in a radiator ​then it will leak, due to the corrosion being removed. As for pipe joints and boiler parts, a power flush will not harm them.

Q. Do you have insurance ?

A. Yes we have £2m public liability insurance.

Q. What chemicals and machinery do you use ?

A. Depending on the situation we use Sentinel X800 and X100 inhibitor or Kamco chemicals , we use Kamco CF90 or CF210  power flush machines and dual magnet filtration system with rad vibro tool to agitate the sludge in your radiators.

Q. Can microbore & single pipe systems be power flushed ?

A. Yes they can but takes longer and requires our specialist knowledge of power flushing heating systems.

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